Advantages of CFD trading

Both rising and falling markets can be traded

When trading CFDs, regardless of whether the price of the product is bullish or bearish, you can place an order to trade and sell (short)

Efficient use of capital

One of the most important advantages of CFD trading is the use of margin

For example, to buy 10,000 real stocks of a telecommunications company from a stockbroker, you need to pay for the entire position; but to buy the same stock CFD through OS, you only need to invest 5% of the value of the entire position as a margin.

If the price per share is $1.50, then you only need to deposit a $750 position margin (5% of $15000) in the OS, plus applicable transactions.

And if you do the same transaction with a stockbroker, you need to pay $15,000 and related commissions and taxes.

Using margin trading means to amplify investment income, but please note that this will also amplify investment losses, and the amount of loss may exceed the initial investment. You can use a variety of tools on the platform to effectively manage risk.

Account opening only takes a few minutes

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bullet Can trade more than 10,000 financial products worldwide
bullet Support EA automatic trading system
bullet Provide the latest economic calendar news broadcast
bullet A variety of technical indicators graphics
bullet Professional trader analysis tools