Trading commodity CFDs is one of the best ways to diversify investment portfolios and hedge risks. WAI is unique in the Global commodity trading market and is committed to providing traders with the best trading experience. Benefiting from the latest technology and effective commodity prices, traders can diversify their investment portfolio.

Commodity trading advantages:

More trading products

Trading currency, index, agricultural products, energy products and precious metal product futures

Pre-market bidding 

Can participate in pre-market bidding to make early judgments on the market's direction

Direct market access

Ultra-low delay execution and direct market DMA quotation system ensure the speed of order execution.

Close to continuous trading

Almost all commodity markets can be traded 24 hours a day, five days a week

Commodity transactions represent the buying and selling of a certain amount of homogenous or nearly homogenous assets. For example, natural gas, crude oil, gold. Commodity transactions are usually based on agricultural products, energy and metals. The price changes of commodities are usually regarded as trend signals of the overall industry conditions for the production/consumption of commodities.

E.g. The price of copper is usually related to the prospects of the construction industry and government-supported infrastructure projects. Similarly, gold is generally regarded as a safe store of value, and prices tend to rise during periods of uncertainty. The prices of commodities may be affected by factors such as severe weather, seasonal supply, natural disasters and other non-market factors commonly found in other financial instruments.

Generally, commodity trading can be speculative or used for hedging. Traders can trade commodities to express their judgment on the prospects of certain industries or hedge their trading portfolio.

Why trade commodity CFDs on WAI?

 To be the most trusted dealer, WAI can provide CFDs on a variety of global commodities including gold, silver and crude oil. Its advantages are:

  • No requotes
  • No manual intervention
  • Competitive spread
  • Customizable trading software
  • One-stop trading platform
  • Option to participate in pre-market bidding
  • Mature risk management tools

Choose WAI to make commodity CFD transactions smoother.

Obtain global commodity CFD quotations with ultra-high execution speed, ultra-low slippage, ultra-high liquidity and ultra-low spreads.

Commodity Futures 

Trading products Product Description product type
WTI West Texas Light Crude Oil Futures Commodity

DMA products through the market 

Tradable contract

Commodity CFD 

Tradable contract
WTI crude oil

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