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Trading precious metals with WAI

From ancient Egyptians to traders in the 21st century, gold has never lost its appeal. But gold is not the only precious metal you can trade. In WAI, we provide you with the most popular precious metals varieties for traders.

WAI, the most trusted award-winning dealer, conducts precious metals trading with the following characteristics:

  • Can provide effective market prices for gold and silver
  • Leverage up to 500:1
  • Perform two-way trading on market ups and downs based on your analysis
  • Powerful trading platform IRESS, MT4 and MT5, real-time gold and silver quotation charts, help to make better decisions
  • 24/5 professional customer service manager support
  • Rich educational resources help improve your skills
  • High-speed order execution

Hedge risk

Use high-value assets such as gold and silver to hedge your investment risks.

Powerful platform

With the help of the WAI trading platform, transactions can be carried out through a variety of devices anytime, anywhere.

Competitive advantages

Benefit from low margin and low-cost transactions without affecting execution.

Real-time data

Use real-time gold and silver news and chart data to make smart trading decisions.

Use Contracts for Difference (CFD) to gain greater freedom of metal trading, allowing you to go long and short, thereby maximizing trading opportunities.

Trading products Product Description product type
XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar Precious metals
XAUAUD Gold vs Australian Dollar Precious metals
XAGUSD Silver vs US Dollar Precious metals
XAGAUD Silver vs Australian Dollar Precious metals

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